Educational Preschool Child Care – Ages 1-5

Perpetual Motion Preschool, is a year-round educational center for children ages 1-5 years. Perfect for working parents and those who wish to give their children a head start to Kindergarten readiness. The preschool has separate, fully equipped classrooms for each age group, an experienced, caring staff, a traditional preschool curriculum, kitchen, and cafeteria. Large motor skill and social play development is very important to our program.

Pre-K Trike Track and Play Area

Pre-K Trike Track and Play Area

This is evident as each child experiences our 3 large outside play areas and structures as well as out swimming and indoor gym areas. This facility is a paradise for children who love to move and it is a stimulant for those who don’t. A well rounded facility coupled with a great professional staff is our key to your child’s development. Most learning is founded from the first 5 years of life. What we teach is our pride. Our 43 year legacy is our History. Our thousands of graduates are our wealth!

Little Learners, toddlers:

An Artist, I may be?

An Artist, I may be?

Children should be able to walk to enter this class, usually around 12 months. The toddler room is designed to stimulate age appropriate play and discovery. A loving and nurturing environment is provided by our highly trained teachers.

The newly constructed toddler playground is adjacent to the room with direct access from a side door room exit. Plenty of shade and toys keep them occupied and safe. Toddlers love to explore anything and everything! The more the teachers interact with their activities the more they learn. Teachers read their activities like you may read a book. That is how language is developed and expanded as our children discover their new communication skills.



Children are exposed to physical and academic skills and begin working with numbers, letters, geometric shapes, colors, body parts and following direction type activities. Our intention is to create an environment to let children play. Then, “they will learn”.

Cooking is Fun!

Cooking is Fun!

Students learn to wait in line, take turns and to respect the feelings of others. We build each child’s confidence and develop their attention span while they experience a variety of activities. Differing play areas (centers) offer a wide variety of imaginative experiences that build upon the developing communication skills as they interact with each of the other children. This class is for ages 2 to 4 years old.



Children must be 4 or 5 years old to be placed into this class. Our children are exposed to academic and physical activities consistent with the preschool class but at a more advanced level.

Science Stuff is Cool!

Science Stuff is Cool!

The Pre-K class is encouraged to be more independent by exposing them to a greater number of activities that are more challenging as well as fun. With kindergarten next year, this class is an incredible stepping stone for our children as they learn in an environment they know, love and excel in. Our Pre-K teacher brings joy and enthusiasm to her class each day. All 3 school systems all recognize Perpetual Motion children for their advanced maturity and capabilities as they enter Kindergarten. You would be surprised how many of our parents have actually graduated from our Perpetual Motion preschool program when they were children!


Other Special things we like to do at Perpetual Motion! No field trips necessary… We have it all here!

IMG_3255Bounce HousePlay in the Gym

Swim Day!





The bounce House!









Gym Time!










Getting Wet!