Pool Parties

Perpetual Motion Events offers private pool parties for any occasion:


IMG_3341Facilities include a full sized gunite pool with a guard provided by Perpetual Motion with a diving board deep area and a large area for the younger children. An additional 25 food by 30 foot toddler pool is conveniently located next to the larger full sized pool. Many of the smaller children also love to play in our two preschool playgrounds!



A covered picnic area provides plenty of table space….The party area is under the pavilion…

For the adults & older children we also have a sand based full sized volleyball court adjacent to the pavilion area. Restrooms and changing areas are directly adjacent to the pool area. Picnic tables and an overhead pavilion including food distribution counters and sink area are also adjacent to the pools.

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The pool is available each summer from June 1st through Sep30th. Perpetual Motion’s outside facilities are perfect for many type of small group parties. These parties may include family get togethers, children’s birthdays, graduations, athletic team parties, reunions, weddings, special teen events, anniversaries, and homecomings. Large corporate and office parties with over 35 attendees can also be arranged (see below). Catered food is allowed within our pavilion area. This pavilion area also provides plenty of shade, picnic tables and privacy away from the pool area.

Enjoy a separate pool area with your younger children!

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Basic Pool Party Cost for up to 40 participants

Basic 1 1/2 hour Pool Party – $195
Basic 2-hour pool party – $245
Basic 3-hour pool party – $345

A $100.00 non-refundable reservation fee and a completed party agreement form are required to secure your party date and time. Bad weather pool party re-scheduling is permitted.

The sand based volleyball court, childrens trike area are visible in this picture

The sand based volleyball court, childrens trike area are visible in this picture


A children’s playground area, a trike track, and a large playground structure are also available for the children. They usually enjoy this area while the adults are entertaining themselves or eating. Children must be supervised while playing in these areas.
A perpetual Motion lifeguard is required and is provided as part of the cost.

 To request reservation availability, please fill out the following form:  
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Large Group Pool Parties (35 to 150 participants)

Property rental is also available for “large” corporate events, family reunions, church events, team and graduation parties, weddings or receptions, and large family parties: Rental includes the pools, pavilion, grills, volleyball area, and playgrounds. If you need information on this kind of event hosting more than 35 people please call Gary @ 984-2075 for more details and costs. Grill out, bring a pot luck dinner, or, if you wish, have your party catered. Whatever your choice, we can help you have the best party ever! Treat Your Employees to an Afternoon of swimming and Family Fun!

If your event needs plenty of space with a variety of recreational areas, this is it. You can even set up large inflatables on the acres of land to the side of the volleyball court and children’s playground areas.

Prices vary depending upon the number of guests invited and the length of the party.