Community Night Gym: Every Friday Night 7:30 until 10:00 PM ($10 per child)

An SMGymnastics Community Night is much better than any baby sitter in town!

  • Better activities
  • Meet new friends or bring a friend if you wish
  • Practice gym skills or just have fun
  • Great caregivers, gym instructors and teachers
  • and… Parents can have a full evening to themselves!

Community Night Gym is held every Friday evening. Sign-up at our gym entrance door at 7:30pm

Non-members welcomed!
Children must be 6 years of age and no older than 14.
High School Students must be Gym members


What is the Schedule of Activities?

All children attending Community Night Gym should begin to sign in at 7:30pm.

Then it’s gym time. Children are allowed to practice or play in any area of the gym they choose. Group games are also planned at the end of the evening.

Children should be picked up from the gym anytime after 9pm and “before” 10:00 pm.


How do Parents Register to qualify participation at any “Youth Community Night”?

Parents should Register their children first: To sign up for our “Youth Community Night” Parents will need to fill out our Community Night Parent Registration Form. Fill out one form per child, then, attend any community night during the year. This form needs to be submitted only once per child every school year.

Cancellations: We may have a few evenings during the year (holidays etc.) that this activity may be cancelled. Please check our Facebook page to verify the activity each week you wish to attend.

Click on the following link to get this parent registration form: Community Night Registration Form

After completing the “Community Night” Registration form bring it too us on the first night you attend.  After this form is complete, enrolling your children into any Friday night activity will just take a few minutes to sign your child in for the evening.

Parents may also fill this form out at Perpetual Motion or bring it to our office at your convenience. We must have this form processed before enrolling children into our community night activities.

How can parents help us plan staffing for any Youth Community Night?

After completing and getting the “Community Night Registration Form” to Perpetual Motion, click the following link: .It just takes a few minutes to fill in the information “on line” . As soon as we verify your request to attend each child will be placed on the roll.

Participants do not have to be pre-registered or pre-paid to attend each community night. The children will be supervised by professional teachers and gym instructors. Staff is also CPR and First Aid certified. Instruction will be given if requested by the children.

Community Night Fees: $10 per child  – Late Pickup: $10  for the 1st minute after 10pm and $1 per minute until signed out by parents. This is strict. We have found if we are not strict, late pickup of children is abused. Late fees must be paid during pick-up.