We enroll preschoolers 12 months and walking through 5 years old.



Our one year old room focuses on creating a bond between child, teacher, and family. This classroom is child-directed , and the curriculum is full of play-based activities. We also have circle time, art time, and music time everyday, of course at each child’s individual pace. Throughout each day we are having fun and practicing our hand and finger development, language , social/emotional, movement, thinking, and learning skills. This classroom has a sink that the children can reach, and receives a breakfast snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. The children have their own playground that connects to their classroom. This classroom receives free gymnastics classes. You are able to track you child’s day through the class’s Class Dojo App.


Our two year old room is also child-directed. The children continue with play-based activities and still have circle time, art time, sensory time, reading time, and music time everyday. In this classroom we also work with the parents to potty train the child. We have a sink that the children can reach, and they receive a breakfast snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack everyday. This classroom also receive free gymnastics classes and parents can track their child’s day through Class Dojo App on their cellphones.


Our three year old room focuses more on teacher planned games, story-time, crafts, and learning experiences aimed to catch your child’s imagination and sense of exploration. The teacher promotes self-confidence and helps develop attention and listening skills that will help your child thrive in our 4 year old room. This classroom is offered gymnastics during school hours. Download the Class Dojo app, and a director will set you up to track your child’s day in the classroom.


Our four year old room establishes your child’s reading, math, and problem-solving skills. Mastering the social skills needed for kindergarten, the teachers motivate, guide, and expand curiosity by encouraging participation and determination. This class is also offered gymnastics during school hours. If you would like to see what your child is doing throughout the day you can download the Class Dojo App and a director will sign you in.