Diamonds Allstars Cheerleading


Want to be a part of the best? Your chance is coming Maryville!

Team placements are just around the corner for our new Maryville location! Join us for Open gym, clinics and placements!

Diamonds Allstars Cheerleading Teams begin this fall at Perpetual Motion!
This is an upscale cheer program for serious minded cheerleaders. Diamonds Allstars Cheerleading has leased space on Monday and Wednesday from Perpetual Motion so they may provide their program for our Maryville boys and Girls.
Please note:
This is a separate company with separate registration forms and requirements.
No experience necessary – 5 years & up
For registration information call (865)250-6808

Diamonds Allstars Cheer Team Practice Times:  age 5 & up
Mon    6:00 – 8:00pm – ages 5-17 yrs. old)
Wed    6:00 – 8:00pm – ages 5-17 yrs. old (Cheer team students must attend both classes)
Call Diamonds Allstars for registration information (865)250-6808